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We currently cover Folkestone, Sandgate, Seabrook, Hythe, Hawkinge and Capel le ferne.

Our delivery charges are as follows:

Folkestone/Cheriton: £3.50 before midnight £5.00 after midnight per delivery

Hawkinge, Densole, Capel le ferne and Sandgate :£4.50 before midnight, £6.00 after midnight per delivery

Seabrook and Hythe: £5.50 before midnight £7.50 after midnight per delivery.

How we define the areas:

Folkestone/ Cheriton We define this as up to the roundabout on Hill road/ Fleming way, Pilgrims Springs, Tescos superstore, The Britania pub on Horn street and Coolinge lane.

Sandgate: From coolinge lane through to the Fountain pub (up to The Britania pub on Horn Street).

Seabrook, From the fountain through to Twiss road.

Capel: from the roundabout on Hill road /Fleming way to the roundabout at the A20 turn off

Hawkinge: From Pilgrims springs up to and including Densole

Hythe: From Twiss road up to the Jet petrol station on the A259 on the way to Dymchurch.